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A fantastic natural backdrop for an unforgettable holiday ! Lake Geneva constitutes the largest fresh water reserve in Western Europe :

  • A surface area of 58 000 hectares and a maximum depth of 309.70 metres.
  • A veritable little inland sea !

A border that links France and Switzerland. Its sheer volume means that it never freezes over.

It has a warming effect on the surrounding climate and vegetation, so much so that the shores of Lake Geneva sometimes have a feel of the south about them.

The scenery is ever changing. To the west of Thonon, you will find small dunes and sandy beaches.
To the east, the so-called “Haut Lac” area can be likened to a Nordic fjord.

As the hours go by, Lake Geneva can be romantic, fun or flamboyant. Each port, be it on the French or Swiss shore, has its own charm and deserves a visit.

A stunning setting home to fish, birds, plants and of course fishermen.

Leman Lake Cruise

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The Port de Rives

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